We now have a 40 acre hunting unit with numerous fruit trees, attracting critters of all size and color.  Nicked named,  " The Bear Hole",  this piece of land has a large population of bear visiting to munch on apples, pears, plums etc.  We have seen every color phase fur snagged on the the barbed wire bordering the property, not to mention numerous, "pop can", size bear scat piles.  This hot spot has offered some exciting hunting experiences.  Elk, white tail and mule deer also frequent.  No tree stands or blinds are provided in this area.  We have also set up game cameras, but no pictures were retrieved.  The bear ate joke.  Only chewed fragments were recovered. 

Ever have the hair stand up on the back of your neck?  Something there but your not quite sure?  Bring an extra pair of underwear when you visit the BEAR HOLE.  Here are actual quotes from Gallo Springs hunters who crossed into the danger zone... 
Allen Dill, " We saw six bear in under one hour with in 100yds.  They just kept coming."  "...when Travis came back, his face was white as a ghost and he wanted to leave."   "...the bear was smelling the bottom of my boots, inches under the apple tree I was standing in." 
  Travis Bated, "...if you like close encounters hunting bear, you need to check this place out."  "...the bear hole is a rare place. Its a prehistoric orchard, deep in the hills, and the bears are only afraid of bigger bears. I saw huge claw marks going up every tree around me, they went much higher than my pump stand. The setting reminded me of Jurassic park as we watched gigantic black bears crash trees down as they entered the area to scare off other bears. This place is worth the trip to Gallo by itself."

Gallo Spring guests are highly advised to enter this area with a hunting partner and carry a side arm for safety reasons.  No cell reception is available in the Bear Hole.   Keys are needed for access. 

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